top 5 option trading online courses in india

Top 5 option trading online courses in india.

#Option #trading is quite popular now a days because option can be traded with very less capital.

If one is buying options then it is limited risk. If trader is writing options then risk is unlimited and big capital is needed.

options can be learnt free of cost in beginning but to avoid big losses trader should try some capsule courses, which are recorded video courses with negligible fees.

#pankajjain , Moneyguru has a 11 years old youtube channel with 2lac subscribers & 1600+ free videos

#zeroloss option trade is popular android app to learn with free videos & small self learning video courses.

Try #options course for beginners .Go for big course only if it gives 5X return on investment.

#stockforexcourse.com is a website with free study material.

#speedearning.com is another website.

PR sunder & subhashish pani are also good option trader.

option trading needs less capital to start ,but it needs maximum knowledge.If trader doesn’t have proper training,one may lose all capital.

because premium decays till expiry, so capital becomes zero so many times.

what one need to know for option trading?

types of options

index options – nifty or #banknifty options

stock options

open interest analysis

option chain

otm /itm/atm strike price

option long strangle

short strangle


option writing

fire fighting in loss making position or trade repair.

best time to buy?

best time to write?




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