Stock market v/s crypto currency |bitcoin

Stock market is an age old mature market but crypto currency #bitcoin is relatively very new.

Crypto currency is a new asset class stiil waiting for total global acceptance.

Indian government has levied 30% tax on crypto currency gains while #stocks have 15% short term or 10% long term capital gain tax.

Stock market is the barometer of economy and all leading businesses are anyway or the other connected to #sharemarket.

There are few brokers for Crypto currency, still trying to gain trust of traders,

While stock market have a very competitive, advanced brokerage platforms with few decade’s reliable background.

Any new asset class like crypto right now face a lot of manipulation in the beginning. So there are frequent bubbles & bursts there before stability.

So we suggest to go for both, but keep 80-90% capital exposure for mature market eg stock market.

Crypto currency or Bitcoin will be globes future but start learning this with 10-20% capital exposure right now.

We are having courses for Stock market and Crypto currency as well.

Trader or investor shouldn’t have any bias for particular asset class.

We should aim for growth, so be at right place at right time.

Indian stock market is very promising for next 5 yers. So don’t miss this rally.

Crypto currency | Bitcoin will be very mature till then. So start learning Crypto right now, but it will take time.

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