top 5 option trading online courses in india

Top 5 option trading online courses in india.

#Option #trading is quite popular now a days because option can be traded with very less capital.

If one is buying options then it is limited risk. If trader is writing options then risk is unlimited and big capital is needed.

options can be learnt free of cost in beginning but to avoid big losses trader should try some capsule courses, which are recorded video courses with negligible fees.

#pankajjain , Moneyguru has a 11 years old youtube channel with 2lac subscribers & 1600+ free videos

#zeroloss option trade is popular android app to learn with free videos & small self learning video courses.

Try #options course for beginners .Go for big course only if it gives 5X return on investment.

#stockforexcourse.com is a website with free study material.

#speedearning.com is another website.

PR sunder & subhashish pani are also good option trader.

option trading needs less capital to start ,but it needs maximum knowledge.If trader doesn’t have proper training,one may lose all capital.

because premium decays till expiry, so capital becomes zero so many times.

what one need to know for option trading?

types of options

index options – nifty or #banknifty options

stock options

open interest analysis

option chain

otm /itm/atm strike price

option long strangle

short strangle


option writing

fire fighting in loss making position or trade repair.

best time to buy?

best time to write?





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Best #StockMarket online course for INTRADAY #live #trading

Best #StockMarket online course for INTRADAY #live #trading

What should be the features of a good online professional course-

100% practical approach

Trainees should be able to trade from very next day.

It should be detailed but not boring

Easily affordable by everyone

Fee structures are having many options for beginners who have lack of money & trust as well.

Course for specific instruments like

Intraday equity course starting from 999

#banknifty course

#Option trading courses

#commodity course

#Crypto #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin course





Stock market v/s crypto currency |bitcoin

Stock market is an age old mature market but crypto currency #bitcoin is relatively very new.

Crypto currency is a new asset class stiil waiting for total global acceptance.

Indian government has levied 30% tax on crypto currency gains while #stocks have 15% short term or 10% long term capital gain tax.

Stock market is the barometer of economy and all leading businesses are anyway or the other connected to #sharemarket.

There are few brokers for Crypto currency, still trying to gain trust of traders,

While stock market have a very competitive, advanced brokerage platforms with few decade’s reliable background.

Any new asset class like crypto right now face a lot of manipulation in the beginning. So there are frequent bubbles & bursts there before stability.

So we suggest to go for both, but keep 80-90% capital exposure for mature market eg stock market.

Crypto currency or Bitcoin will be globes future but start learning this with 10-20% capital exposure right now.

We are having courses for Stock market and Crypto currency as well.

Trader or investor shouldn’t have any bias for particular asset class.

We should aim for growth, so be at right place at right time.

Indian stock market is very promising for next 5 yers. So don’t miss this rally.

Crypto currency | Bitcoin will be very mature till then. So start learning Crypto right now, but it will take time.

Stocks to buy tommorow| banknifty prediction|nifty tips

Stocks to buy tommorow| banknifty prediction|nifty tips.

You need to buy right stocks on a day. Don’t chase your familier shares or stocks blindly.

Choose right screener  to buy stock with price actions due to high volume surge.

Stock market is so sensitive for good or bad news, but you don’t have to follow every news due to such powerful screener.

Otherwise you might be lost in noise resulting in losing spontaneity or intuition.

Snap decision is best when you are going with strict stop loss and volume as per comfort.We get right decision through knowledge.

This is a knowledge based business, that’s why #Warrenbuffet or #zunzunwala keep learning every day even after unimaginable success.

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Real estate|property dealer|plots|flats to buy


Real estate|property dealer|plots|flats to buy

Real Estate & Property Investment – broker  course List 7000/-

1. Total money management -when & where to invest money for best return(PROPERTY,INSURANCE,FD,EQUITY)




5. TYPES of property (plot/flat or office) what is good?

6. How to evaluate a property to buy?

7. Types of investments part 2 in real estate/property trading.

8. Safe,medium & high risk investment in property/real estate.

9. Start your own property broker business in 30days.

10. How to check detail legal status of property.

11. How to cultivate lots of buyers in real estate/property trading.

12. Best time management to grow rich & successful.

13. Rich dad poor dad – Robert Kiyosoki top10 rules for success.

14. How to study real estate investment options online and right plan to visit them physically.

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Self learning video courses 5500/- each 

Option trading                                                                                                                Future trading for stock / nifty- banknifty                                                                Intraday trading with zero risk                                                                          Commodity trading all mcx                                                                                   Currency / forex trading                                                                                             Real estate investment & broking

Banknifty|master intraday trading in 3 steps|

Banknifty|master intraday trading in 3 steps|

One can trade in banknifty options or

If capital is 10-20k.

If one have more than 1 lac, then there are 2 ways to make safe profit-

Banknifty option writing (short strangle means selling otm call+selling otm put


Trading banknifty future with hedging through options.

Buying banknifty +buy put

Selling banknifty + sell call

3 steps to master-

One trade a day or one trade a week

Hedging strategy at particular timing or particular breakout

Calculate the reasonable targets & follow.

Say you got 10 point means 25 lot size*10=250

This is 2.5% on 10 k capital. Which is much more than enough.

It gives 2.5*250 trading days=625% annual return possibility.

No one can get regular return in any trading instrument but average is easily maintained.

Because there are extra ordinary huge profits twice every month if you trade regular with our 100% safe banknifty strategy.

Check zero loss option trade andoid app for 100 free lessons & paid courses with negligible fees.

Trading|Stock market|How long do One need to become a professional trader

Trading|Stock market|How long do One need to become a professional trader.

One need not follow #niftyprediction or banknifty level tommorow.

All one need is right volume & a good hedging strategy which keeps safe in both directions.

If proper training is there, it will give you good results even in 7 days.

But a market cycle is needed to understand all ups & downs.

One should start with this sequence –

1.swing trading

2.Intraday trading

3.nifty option trading

4.Nifty future

5.Banknifty option & future

6.Stock option

7.Stock future trading

8.parallel MF & long term investing since beginning.

We are having self recording video courses with 1 or 10 strategies depending on your budget.

This is the way to become a professional trader in stock market with 100% safe approach.

Check zeroloss option trade android app to see 70+ courses starting from 499/- only.

Live trading|stock market|learn nifty| banknifty options

Stock market is very dynamic so it keeps changing all the time.

If one want to be a good stock trader, then one need to practice with safe volumes daily.

Keep making mistakes and keep correcting day by day. It’s a slow process but can be learnt faster with help of proper online courses and abundant data available on internet.

Choosing proper instruments like equity cash, or nifty, banknifty options then index future and stock options or stock futures after months’ practice finally.

Speed earning launched an android app named “zero loss option trade” which is providing free study material and affordable paid courses with very nominal fees.

Pankaj Jain, the MoneyGURU, has avast experience since last 19years of trading, investing and training of 21000+ professional traders.

Pankaj Jain provides the range of most economical courses in terms of fees & time required as well.

60 minutes might be enough to learn a wonderful trading strategy which is able to give lacs of rupees as trading profits in years to come.