If you want to have successfull marketing results, then follow some steps.

1.Start your day with a great exercise (including lung volume,nervous system and thyroid glands)
otherwise you fill low after 5 negative calls in afternoon.

2.Have light but powerfull breakfast & lunch. OTHERWISE you will feel lousy after lunch.

3.Avoid movements if not essential. So first of all get a list through friends’ network,just dial,askme.
Plan & arrange them areawise then qualitywise.
Prepare route with googlemap or google earth.

4.Call them first by sitting in a cool place,then start moving.If you are not reaching to client at scheduled time,Then please do call him to inform.It creates a big reputation among professionals.

5.Report your boss after thinking for five peaceful & relaxed minutes.Otherwise you will hesitate to ask something very important by calling him frequently.

6.Practice Presentation It takes 2-3days to practice a fluent presentation of a new product for new mindset of customers.

7.Analyze after every four calls-the opening,the timing,closing,your style etc.

8.Make a rule to complete at least number of calls in fixed hours.Say 50 calls in 4 hrs.But if  some client seems potential,then give him more than double time.
Its good, if 5 calls give 2 conversions.
these extra minutes will be adjusted in some senseless short calls.

9.Do not beg or have hot argument wth a negative client.The energy wasted will disturb next 5 calls,may be wholeday.

10.Have a systematic file,but show it after formal opening.Get a permission,then introduce with a catchy punchline.
Cross questioning may be a good technique.
i e how many hours & rupees are needed to attend a English class for a single family member.
Then show the details of home based dvd course for whole family.

11.Give them  a free demo with senior,only if they are not closing right now.
First you try to promote for instant decision.BUT PLZ DON’T LET THEM FEEL CHASED.

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