Get safe 20k from 2lac every month in equity future and option trading

Buy future of stock from fastest stock from mutualfundsindia.com
Suppose bought ntpc@175.
Sell 175call@same time.
Future will always appreciate better than call if stock price goes up.
If stock price goes downwards then you will earn by premium decay of call.
If it comes to 8pt to 2-3pt.then sell a call with nearer strike price.
If there is free fall in stock then you will face a longer problem.
So stock selection is very important.
We can buy put@150 strike price in negligible premium.(rs1-2 only)
If there is a free fall in market then it will give you great support.otherwise this put will reduce to zero every month.
You can buy stocks in cash or go with future and option combination directly.
Go with trade on paper for 1-2 month then go for actual trade lifelong with comfortable regular income in all market conditions.

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