FREE mega WEBINAR 25 nov 22 -4 STEPS of successful trading career|just a missed call to join

FREE mega WEBINAR 25 nov 22 -4 STEPS of successful trading career

Main pain points-

Illogical Fear that turns into illogical GREED, and leaves the Fear behind.

Why stock market ?

Procrastination – Is it essential ? Can i do it later ?

4-5 asset classes- FD- Insurance-Real estate- Gold silver

NOISE all around – Distraction is there from all sides, so we avoid choosing.

Intraday trading is the window from where a small man can enter,but then he needs to find a door too.

which is always there.

First of all – Senseless trading all day,

then swing,

then options,

crypto and commodity comes along the way.

then futures.

Finally when one financial cycle is completed before your eyes, You get the real idea, but still you don’t follow it.

because if we have created a pattern, that will take time to go.

4 stages of trading career-

1.low vol low margin,

2.low vol high mar,

3.high vol low mar &

4.high vol high margin.

I am explaining 2 great strategies to follow here-

open low same/open high strategy – nsewin.in

recovery from intraday low – ndtv profit.

when you start trusting yourself, you can start trusting others.

but all of us are having self doubts from beginning, thanks to our family and teachers.

if traders are keeping daily trade records and go thru monthly and yearly brokerage , taxes and losses numbers.

they will find many of us were able to attend lunch with Warren Buffet which used to cost 5-10 lacs, but we never even thought to choose.





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