EIGHT GREAT – deep secrets of sex

Why is sex so important since the beginning?

Sex gives you a real thoughtlessness for some minutes.
It breaks your continuity and brings a spontaneity in you,which is the real joy and relief.
SEX indicates that I am not body only, I am energy.

A dance of energy starts from body and touches your soul.

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Some very deep secrets of sex are here,rarely mentioned in any book.

1.SEX starts with eyes.
See deeply in to the eyes of your partner.Rest will happen easily.
When you pay for sex, you may not get that what you get in a lover’s eye.

2.Water is fire
Take a shower before sex. It gives you a proper sensation to start.
If you try cool & lukewarm water during intercourse at different times,
it will give you a fresh experience.

3.Breathing & massage gives you extra points.
Try our special breathing and nervous system exercises and feel the difference clearly.
Deep breathing means more stamina and open pores means thousands of open windows to receive
tons of love.

4.Do not have any performance pressure.
If you are worried to please your partner,than it will be more difficult to please him or her.

It is more important to uncover your soul before uncovering your body.

May it be premature ejaculation or lose /dry organs,take your own time.Keep laughing on each other and
on oneself. keep the mood light,then let it grow intimate.
Talk to each other frankly.
Accept your partner totally ,then see the intimacy.
Real joy is about that intimacy.

5.Don’t plan ,be spontaneous.
If you plan for sex,then anything out of plan disturbs you.(KLPD happens )
even if it is going according to plan,it becomes a mechanical process only.

Sometime it may be a long enduring love,
sometime it may be a quickie in minutes stolen in a busy day from the family.
Both have  different joy.
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6.Repeating creates boredom
You don’t need to change partner for a real change.
One can repeat ones own boring patterns with new partners and remain unsatisfied with all of them.
Change the experience.
So give a room to a light beer or wine and dance,unplanned wild postures.
new looks and new location plays a great role.
A simple nose ring may seem very very sexy.
Inject icy water into her and see her .
You can innovate so many new ways to find healthy but storming moments.

7.Let the thirst arise
It’s not good to eat thrice a day without real hunger.
In the same way, don’t have a daily show.
Sexual arousal depends on seasonal cycle- lady’s mood,hectic schedule,post pregnancy naps.
Observe  your body in changing season.
Don’t get afraid , if you don’t feel hot everyday.

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But do not let the  cease fire.

SEX is the source of life, so don’t under estimate it.
Your core belief should be right to enjoy anything.
If you are waiting for right moment since last 7 days ,
then  i tell you to jump right now and ride the boat.
It’s not an issue ,in which perfection is always must.

It’s OK to be OK sometime.

8.Enjoy the moments after sex
Partners go to sleep just after sex.
Do not part after sex.These are the most precious moments.
See in PARTNER’S eyes.
Let the deep lovely words come out.
Now Both of you are on the destination.That is the moment in present.
Play the common favorite music and feel the beauty of love.


If night is good ,then day will be good.


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