Don’t do anything,let it happen

Don’t do anything,let it happen 
Do anything,it will happen.

Right from the birth,

we start doing anything.
but what is the basic motive behind all this?
every thing was natural in that age -hunger,fear,crying,laugh.
We can say that we remain natural, when we have no choice.

We all are born with fear within,
fear compel us to do something.
Ego grown within us with growing age & growing capabilities.
Now we can have choice 
and that becomes the problem,when we became attached with that choice.

It sounds strange,but it’s most difficult task to not doing anything.

When we do something,it create some value,whether it may be illusive.
like many metals are forming oxides or sulphate or some other compound,
but noble metal do not react at all and that makes them most valuable.

Seeing the world & feeling it is always enjoying,
but we put good & bad labels on different experiences.
It caused choice & choice made a continuous chain of complaints.

Notice these 2 questions-
What is there? It may have one straight answer.
What could have been there? It may have unlimited answers.

If you are roaming around in a huge city like Mumbai,
No destination or time bounded—just roaming–seeing & feeling.
You may enjoy even crowd,sweat,noise,thirst –all the things.

Many of us will regret that it is not possible in our life.
It’s OK. It may not be all the time,but It may be sometime.
Did you do that? Why?
because we think that It can not be continue on that specific busy week?
Just do it in a weekend,
Who knows that you won’t wish it to continue.It wasn’t that fulfilling,what it seemed in my thoughts.
A person spend half of total age in waiting something what he don’t needed really, but all others told him that he will need.
we think about that typical friends in first place who will laugh on such a strange or silly idea.
why don’t we think about that single friend who will be excited by hearing this?

Because the fear is always there.
So keep doing all the same thing,but reduce your fear day by day.
Knowing it gives you freedom from feeling any compulsion.

Pankaj jain
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