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15 april 2013
I went to bed late y’day, around 12.30pm.
Day was so-so. professionally fully dull.

Personally, I felt myself near my mother b’coz she was ill.
Why do we feel less confused when we serve someone in trouble?
May be it gives a purpose of life for a while.
Sometime I noticed that when we tell any biker to switch off headlight, we feel a little pride of being useful for a moment.
In afternoon, I saw a hot talk between very old married couple.
A husband, who was unable to express his anger since years,had burst suddenly.
It gave a pleasure to me.I don’t know – why was it?
I can tell that I was pleased to see a suppressed fought back, but actual reason may be different.
We feel relieved,when someone seems in trouble, especially someone with superiority complex or maybe anyone.
Evening was dull, when i was lonely.
Since many days, I have been waiting for such time for uninterrupted work or meditation.
but when such time really comes,nothing seems important to do.
It may be just a mental pattern.
or it may be a nice reason to postpone the task before you- It sounds good to keep love on top.
But it is the most popular word to deceive yourself.
It doesn’t mean that love is always a lie.
LOVE is so powerful that it’s shadow only can running the entire world,
What can’t happen if a real glimpse of it spread allover.
I read book, worked a little.
Alone time is always more than enough.
Isn’t loneliness a concept made by us. We are always surrounded by life around the world, but not feeling enough to connect.although we read thru books that plants or water having life.
We have choice to be with chosen SET of persons.
When that set is really there near you,loneliness doesn’t go completely, then we wait for chosen set of conditions.
a daily amount of money called INCOME  is always there,
which gives a false sense of everything OK by the end of day or month.
But we can’t compensate one thing with another,
So we need to get confused,
and to find our own deep true answers.
you have to pay the bill at the end,whether you get it or not in ur hands.
after due date ,A heavy penalty may be there or connection may be terminated sometimes.
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