Stock market complete knowledge for beginners

Stock market complete knowledge for beginners

If you want to have complete knowledge of stock market,then 12 year old YouTube channel with +2200 videos will be best for you.

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Money control, economic times, investing,earnometer ,ndtvprofit,nsewin ,topstockresearch are good websites.

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Stockforexcourse website.

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That will give you solid idea to go ahead from there.

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FREE mega WEBINAR 25 nov 22 -4 STEPS of successful trading career

Main pain points-

Illogical Fear that turns into illogical GREED, and leaves the Fear behind.

Why stock market ?

Procrastination – Is it essential ? Can i do it later ?

4-5 asset classes- FD- Insurance-Real estate- Gold silver

NOISE all around – Distraction is there from all sides, so we avoid choosing.

Intraday trading is the window from where a small man can enter,but then he needs to find a door too.

which is always there.

First of all – Senseless trading all day,

then swing,

then options,

crypto and commodity comes along the way.

then futures.

Finally when one financial cycle is completed before your eyes, You get the real idea, but still you don’t follow it.

because if we have created a pattern, that will take time to go.

4 stages of trading career-

1.low vol low margin,

2.low vol high mar,

3.high vol low mar &

4.high vol high margin.

I am explaining 2 great strategies to follow here-

open low same/open high strategy – nsewin.in

recovery from intraday low – ndtv profit.

when you start trusting yourself, you can start trusting others.

but all of us are having self doubts from beginning, thanks to our family and teachers.

if traders are keeping daily trade records and go thru monthly and yearly brokerage , taxes and losses numbers.

they will find many of us were able to attend lunch with Warren Buffet which used to cost 5-10 lacs, but we never even thought to choose.





#stockmarket #invest |Top 5 smallcap #stocks of DSP MF

top 5 smallcap of DSP mutual fund in sep 2022

KNR construction  (construction & infrastructure sector

mannapuram finance (financial services deals in gold loan

Ratnamani (metal sector – maufactures metal tubes

century ply (  forest material

equitas holding ( financial services

Go and check share holding patterns. If MF & FII holding is increasing and if these stocks are near their all time high , then they should be preffered.

Never buy in one shot, but buy with gap of time.

Allocate more capital in more assuring stock and invest less in less strong fundamentally.

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Stock market FREE mega webinar @pankajjainmoneyguru Youtube handle #stocks #options

Stock market FREE mega webinar @pankajjainmoneyguru Youtube handle

Many of us want to make stock market trading career but numerous myths are prevailed there.

So it is very difficult to find the right road map to reach the GOAL.

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Which is the best Telegram channel for options trading?

Which is the best Telegram channel for options trading?

Trader need to learn thoroughly for options trading.when to go for nifty / banknifty or stock option,one should know. 90% option trader lose their option premium in time decay so it needs proper hedging to keep you safe in ups and downs.

Search for speedearning telegram channel by MoneyGURU Pankaj Jain.

You will know everything about online trading.

Option is their speciality.

SPEED EARNING by moneyguru Pankaj Jain is the best telegram channel and YouTube channel as well with 1900 + free videos and 200000+ subscription.

Anyone can start with free account opening with given link in their video description.Members will have complete hand holding in live Market.

Intraday in equity,nifty, banknifty,futures & mcx, crypto currency is very easy and safe due to hedging strategies.

Aarohi open learning experience

As we discussed earlier,how I reached campus with family. We went into flow of this fan less and tap less campus.

It was difficult to rise at 6am ,because sukun ,my elder daughter is late riser .she gets up at 12pm somedays.

She got up at 6am with excitement of new friends she got in aarohi.

I was worried how to take bath or to get fresh in just 2-3 washroom but it really went like a family.

Exercise was hard for me as I am more like an easy yoga person. They are providing variety in daily exercises like days for strength,stemina and flexibility.

Breakfast was quite rich.I expected it to be simple and boring but it wasn’t.

There are cleanup teams after breakfast,lunch and dinner. I thought it to be just a formality but it was like real work. I was really responsible there till I finishing my job.

It gave me a sense of accomplishment.

I tried to do something on my own.so I picked up 2 waste footballs and tried to make something of it.but nothing clicked in my mind.

I gave it up and then tried to see what others are doing. I saw mitti cool fridge making.then i went to art zone.then i saw magnets.It was like facing the failure so clearly after a long time.

We might be trapped in a pattern to please the authority around ,so I kept guessing what others are expecting of me.

Games started by the evening.It was “save your castle”by pulling the tails of attackers.

This game took me to a very different zone.As a stock market trader,it was a very bad day. I didn’t trade last 2 days but old positions were showing huge loss.

Work from anywhere kind professionals are always in dilema whether they should check their phone or not?

But evening sports got me a total escape.

I could enjoy dinner.

A thought session is there after dinner.We

Checked 9 boxes there to evaluate ourselves. There techniques to mix all of 30 as a single community was a big learning for me.

We had our usual chit chat after the session and went to bed.

Next day we started with yoga – variations of Surya namaskar.

Ratnesh & Aditi mentor the design, discuss and doing of a day.Teams announce and collaborate to do their chosen projects and activities.

I decided to do what I like actually.so i decided to make a short film.Then I collaborated with a 12 year old open learner Charvik and we discussed.Came up with a theme ,then script somehow.

Started to find the cast then.All were busy with some other activities.It was seeming difficult to execute.

But we got a few actors for us and we shot a short film in single take.

Going for campus care with different teams after tea time.we were working with showel and buckets with team of 25-30 fellows.

Played kho kho and confusion ground game in evening. Confusion ( Tom & Jerry) was awesome.It needed lot of awareness.

We were given a project to make an advertisement combining dreams of all 5 members of each team.

Such team work filled with fun and brainstorming creates a new level of bonding.

Performed those ad in evening meeting.

Thursday is the day visit for new parents in Aarohi.We met some more new people .

We were given 3 boxes of wooden pieces without speaking a word.

It was surprising that we made a train and castle in 5 minutes only. It wasn’t seeming possible at all without sharing any idea.

But it was easier instead.

So we are learning biggest lessons here without any big lectures.


3 myths about stock market trading & investment.

Stock market is like a fairy tales world.

Everyone talks about it many times but it is also considered unreal by most of them.

We are discussing top most myths which are stopping 90 % Indians to get the fastest financial freedom from their own economy.

All foreign investors are trusting indian economy but Indians are skeptical.


There are 3 myths about stock market –

1. We should have lot of money to invest.

The fact is that one can start with even RS 500/-.

2. If you don’t understand balance sheets,chart & indicators,then getting profit here is just impossible.

The fact is that if a beginner starts buying top 5 holding of MF every month for next 40-50 months , he is not going to lose a single penny.

Those who are occupied with technical – fundamental complexity, losing money here, because their common sense is overshadowed by un necessary noise prevailed here and there.

3. It is very risky.

All investors can lose their whole capital overnight, but it is possible for ignorants only.

If investor doesn’t understand nature of any asset class,that will be difficult to deal.

If one is not investing all his capital in single shot or buying a single stock or sector,

There will be no loss.

Being definite in such indefinite asset class without any back plan doesn’t make anyone real investor.

Stock market v/s crypto currency |bitcoin| Which one to trade first

Stock market v/s crypto currency |bitcoin| Which one to trade first.

StockMarket is an age old market in India since 1875.

But crypto currency is relatively very younger. Bitcoin came hardly 13-15 yrs back.

Stock market is well trusted and accepted by all govt authoroties,

But crypto is still in confusion. It is not legally recognized fully by many global govt authorities.

Every new asset class has to face manipulation, that’s why risk – reward is quite unreasonable.

Cryptocurrency would behave like a roller coaster.

So one can invest 5-10% of one’s capital for intraday trading or investment in top 5 crypto currency first.

Then expand upto 10-15 more good coins.

Stock market has become so mature that one can invest 60-90% of capital for whole life span without any uncontrollable risk.

BSE & NSE are very old exchanges tried and tested over time.

Crypto exchanges are very new, so there might be many loopholes to be rectified in future.

We don’t suggest to avoid crypto currencies at all. Everyone should involve in upcoming asset classes like Bitcoin, etherium or binance but keep your self prepared for un reasonable ups and downs.

We have launched a crypto currency video course to kickstart.

top 5 option trading online courses in india

Top 5 option trading online courses in india.

#Option #trading is quite popular now a days because option can be traded with very less capital.

If one is buying options then it is limited risk. If trader is writing options then risk is unlimited and big capital is needed.

options can be learnt free of cost in beginning but to avoid big losses trader should try some capsule courses, which are recorded video courses with negligible fees.

#pankajjain , Moneyguru has a 11 years old youtube channel with 2lac subscribers & 1600+ free videos

#zeroloss option trade is popular android app to learn with free videos & small self learning video courses.

Try #options course for beginners .Go for big course only if it gives 5X return on investment.

#stockforexcourse.com is a website with free study material.

#speedearning.com is another website.

PR sunder & subhashish pani are also good option trader.

option trading needs less capital to start ,but it needs maximum knowledge.If trader doesn’t have proper training,one may lose all capital.

because premium decays till expiry, so capital becomes zero so many times.

what one need to know for option trading?

types of options

index options – nifty or #banknifty options

stock options

open interest analysis

option chain

otm /itm/atm strike price

option long strangle

short strangle


option writing

fire fighting in loss making position or trade repair.

best time to buy?

best time to write?