Worst famous stocks of NSE-BSE in last 5 years #stocks #options #nifty

Worst famous stocks of NSE-BSE in last 5 years #stocks #options #nifty

When you go for investing ,

It is important to know what to do?

but It’s more important to know,what not to do?

because one irresponsible step can throw you out of market.

Jet airways

cox & kings

PC Jewellers

YES bank


Seeing google chart of all above mentioned stock is your homework to check thoroughly.

Go and see what happened to these stocks? prices eroded 90% capital of their investors.

What is common in all these stocks ?

All of these are very popular. Popular ism is a trend which is making all of us blind.

All were familiar with these products and all had some emotional association with their products.

Any company doesn’t become sick overnight. It starts giving indications since many months, but first of all we remain attached emotionally.

When these emotions fade away after continuous pain then most of us are unable to book losses.

what could have been done there?

If you are studying for better stocks from some fundamental screener, then you would start booking losses in parts and switching to better stocks.

This is as simple as that.

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Pankaj Jain , The Moneyguru

#stockmarket #crypto #option #trading

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Best Performing Sectors and Stocks to Invest | ट्रिपल प्रॉफिट के लिए कोनसा सेक्टर ख़रीदे
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