(3month to 3year) 500% return in stock market (3long correction)investment with zero risk

(3month to 3year)500% return in stock market (3long correction) investment with zero risk


This simple startegy is  very helpful for anu busy and lazy average beginner.
You need to wait for a long correction in nifty or sensex.
There are 3-4 long correction in stock market every year. You will get chance to enter safe in every 3-4 months.
Suppose you have Rs 100,000 (1lac

You can’t find lowest point to enter..
Stocks worth 30,000 at one level in dip.
Buy 3 stocks for 3 diffrent sectors.Focus on the sectors, which are near there 52 week high.

If NIFTY falls fiurther, then buy stocks worth 30000 again in the same stocks.
Wait for 1 to 2 month bounce back.
You will get 15-25% every time easily.
If market falls further for longer period, you have control in your hands.Still Rs.40,000 are remaining in your hands.
So you do not need to worry at all.
In this way,
Anyone can have 40-50% return from stock market in bull phase,
but 20-30% return in bear phase is also possible with this very simple and powerful method.

which stocks to choose for short term?
It is explained in many other videos and posts.

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